Okunomatsu Dai Ginjo Shizukusake "Juhachidai Ihei"

Okunomatsu Dai Ginjo Shizukusake "Juhachidai Ihei"

Special sake that is allowed to drip naturally from cotton bags with no pressure applied. An exquisite finegrained daiginjo flavor with a mellow essence and aroma.

Category Dai Ginjo
Rice Polishing Ratio 40%
S.M.V. +3.0
Acidity 1.3
Rice Yamadanishiki
Alcohol content 17%
Brewery Okunomatsu Shuzo
Region Fukushima
Sweet Semi-Sweet Semi-Dry Dry Extra Dry
Fragrant Light Aged Rich

Best way to enjoy this sake

Cold Room Temp. Body Temp. Warm
good good

Best matching food

Lighter Fare Richer Fare After Meal
good good