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Discover our premium sake set handmade by our best selected artists in Japan

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Color Changing Glass

This glass looks simple enough at first glance. But pouring a cold drink into the glass reveals a special surprise!

Imari (Arita) Porcelain

Arita Porcelain is the name for Japanese porcelain wares made in the town of Arita (Southern part of Japan). Arita's kilns were set up in the 17th century, when porcelain stones was discovered in the Arita region by Sanpei Lee who is the immigrant Korean potter.

Mino Ware

Mino ware is the name given to ceramic ware that was originally created in the Gifu prefecture, in the south of that region, and now makes up around 50% of the Japanese market. The Gifu area was once considered one large country, and was divided into three regions called Seino, Chuno, and Tono. Mino Ware, or Minoyaki, came from areas such as Tajimi-shi, Toki-shi, Mizunami-shi, Kasahara-cho, and Kani-shi, all of which are in the west of Tono to the east of Chuno.

  • Japanese Tea Set

    A large selection of best Japanese tea sets at amazing price! A tea ball is a great way to brew green tea, and tea made with it will always taste good.

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  • Sake Cup

    Most people are used to drinking or understand that sake is drunk from a porcelain cup. But then again, not many people know that sake can be enjoyed over a ranging variety of vessels. Whether the way to go is through tradition or modernity, sake can be enjoyed from.

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  • Matcha Bowl

    There is nothing quite like holding a chawan (Matcha bowl) and bringing it towards your mouth to sip some Matcha tea.

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