About Us

The haven for Sake Connoisseurs

SAKE.treat is a unique outlet for those who enjoy real Japanese quality.

We are passionate about authentic goods from the land of the rising sun, particularly about all things Sake!

This remarkable alcoholic beverage, often known as “rice wine”, truly stands the test of time: the millenary art of brewing Sake from fermented rice has been passed on through the centuries, from generation to generation until the modern times. To this day, Sake is not only Japan's most popular alcoholic drink, but it is beloved and appreciated by connoisseurs all over the world.

Those who appreciate Japanese culture know that its beauty lays within the impeccable attention to details: The way Sake is served is as important as the quality of Sake itself!

With such a mindset, SAKE.treat proudly offers the best SAKE set available, bridging the gap between tradition and modernity, much like the spirit of Japan itself.

All of our products are crafted by skilled Japanese artisans who know the ins and outs of SAKE and porcelain making. Feel free to browse through our catalog and find out more about the care, passion and process behind every single product we offer.

A Long Tradition and History

Sake is intertwined in the history of Japan. It is a regal beverage that some believe was a drink of the gods. The tradition of sake production began shortly after the introduction of rice into Japan from China. With the Japanese tradition of sake and the many traditions of Japan, comes a great responsibility to those who offer the tools of tradition in the art of drinking sake and for its use in traditional ceremonies such as Shinto, kagami biraki, and the Japanese New Year.

Premium Made in Japan

Each sake carafe and sake cup at SAKE.treat is made by skilled Japanese artisans who are steeped in the tradition of Japanese sake and porcelain making. Tradition is the key in the Japanese culture and tradition is the key at SAKE.treat. SAKE.treat takes the responsibility seriously and strives to meet the challenge of bringing the ceremony, the tools, and the tradition of Japanese sake to the masses.

SAKE.treat is a company that exists so that people around the world can experience the exceptional quality, the exceptional style, and the exceptional value that can be found within the shop. Traditional care and dedication to superior quality is a mainstay at SAKE.treat. The company takes pride in delivering the vessels that the beverage of sake deserves to those who are learning the sake tradition as well as to those who have generations of knowledge of their own.

Those who purchase the sake sets found at SAKE.treat will find the premium quality and authentic tools for use in the drinking of sake. It will immediately be evident to them that the passion, the dedication, the care, and the love of tradition are all a part of our Sake Sets. Each set is a piece of functional art and tradition. Imbibe with us.