Sake Tasting Note

Dai Ginjo Down

Okunomatsu Dai Ginjo Shizukusake "Juhachidai Ihei"

Special sake that is allowed to drip naturally from cotton bags with no pressure applied. An exquisite finegrained daiginjo flavor with a mellow essence and aroma.

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Hakkaisan Dai Ginjo

Hakkaisan Daiginjo is the pinnacle of the sake brewer’s art. Crisp and beautiful, our Daiginjo is crafted only during the coldest winter months to ensure the highest quality. Milled to a luxurious 40% of each rice grain remaining, our Daiginjo uses pure Yamadanishiki sake rice. One sip of this super premium sake evokes the pristine snow surrounding our brewery and reveals the essence of Hakkaisan’s clean and exceedingly smooth character.

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