Sake Tasting Note

Fragrant Down

Kurosawa Junmai Dai Ginjo

The ingredients and the method of fermentation and are unique. Toji gathers only the finest rice grains and then refines them to forty percent of the original grain size which is the bare essence of the rice core.

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Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Junmai Tasting Note

Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Junmai

In Japanese tokubetsu means “special” and Hakkaisan Tokubestu Junmai is special in many ways. The signature ingredient of this sake is the fine local water, coming from melting snow and filtered by Mount Hakkai.

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Dassai 50 Junmai Daiginjo Tasting Note

Dassai 50 is a premium junmai daiginjo sake, made from only rice milled down to 50%, water and koji mold. Clean, soft and very subtle, the balanced aromas and a mild sweetness envelop the senses making Dassai enjoyable on its own, or with a meal of refined cuisine.

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