Kurosawa Junmai Dai Ginjo

Kurosawa Junmai Dai Ginjo

The ingredients and the method of fermentation and are unique. Toji gathers only the finest rice grains and then refines them to forty percent of the original grain size which is the bare essence of the rice core. This reduced rice core is then gently brewed and fermented to just the right degree as only a Toji can do,thereby earning the recognition of a Dai-Gin-Jo.Kurosawa sake, is so unique and pure in taste that it complements almost any cuisine or it can be enjoyed by itself. You will never be disappointed by choosing Kurosawa as your sake.

Fresh warm rice pudding, creamy cashew nougat, and coconut-raisin cake aromas with a silky fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body and a vanilla taffy, spiced pear,and melon accented finish. Delicious and crowd pleasing.

Category Junmai Dai Ginjo
Rice Polishing Ratio 49%
S.M.V. -1.0
Rice Miyamanishiki
Alcohol content 15%-16% by vol.
Brewery Kurosawa Shuzo
Region Nagano
Sweet Semi-Sweet Semi-Dry Dry Extra Dry
Fragrant Light Aged Rich

Best way to enjoy this sake

Cold Room Temp. Body Temp. Warm
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Best matching food

Lighter Fare Richer Fare After Meal
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