Japanese Tea Set

A tea ball is a great way to brew green tea, and tea made with it will always taste good. However, in many cases it is simply too small for the tea leaves to infuse properly. This means that you will not achieve the full flavor from the loose leaf. Instead, we would suggest that you use a teapot that has a removal metal basket, and you can place the loose leaf tea here. A teapot called Kyusu has a metal strainer that lies over the inside of the spout, which means that you can put the loose leaf green tea directly into the teapot.

Arita Porcelain Tea Set

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Imari (Arita) porcelain is the name for Japanese porcelain wares made in the town of Arita. The craftsmanship, production, drawing techniques, and unique designs with 400 years of history, continues to make Arita porcelain number one in Japan.

Hagi Ware Tea Set

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The charm of Hagi Ware lies in the rough texture of the clay and the pockmarked surfaces laced with cracks in the glaze. Hagi Ware is liquid-permeable. This results in another interesting characteristic, that is, that its color and tone change with use, especially if used to drink tea.

Kutani Ware Tea Set

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Kutani ware which is multicolored over glazed porcelain is incredibly precious and highly appreciated due to its unique, formal and vigorous beauty.