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Kutani Ware Tea Set

A large selection of best Kutani Ware Tea Set at amazing price! Kutani ware date back to the early Edo period, that being around 1655. The first Lord of Daishoji, Toshiharu Maeda (part of the Kaga-han) focused his efforts on developing pottery, although there have been found gold mines in the Kutani area (modern day: Kutani, Yamanaka Town, Ishikawa Prefecture). Goto Sajiro, who had been engaging in mining and industry development was dispatched by Toshiharu to Hizen Arita, in order to master their pottery technique. An own Kutani klin was established with the beginning of the adoption of their new skill. For unknown reasons, however, the klins in Kutani disappeared in the 18th century, around 1730. Around this period these were ceramics fired, and these are now known as "Ko-Kutani". These Japanese multicolored over glazed porcelain is incredibly precious and highly appreciated due to its unique, formal and vigorous beauty.