Paved Flowers Kutani Ware Matcha Bowl


Made in Ishikawa Japan
  • Matcha Bowl measures H: 3" Diameter: 4.95"
  • NOT Dishwasher Safe
  • Made in Japan

The Japanese Tea Ceremony was the reason that this matcha bowl was created, and it has been hand painted with the much appreciated heritage Kutani ‘Hanazume’ (Paved Flower) design. The gold leaf outlines the pattern, and auspicious and fortunate glowers such as chrysanthemums and peonies. This painting style is a brilliant representation of the Kuntai style, and it is only created by using a very delicate painting style. It will take a person more than a decade to reach the skill required to paint this design.

Kutani Ware

Kutani ware is a style of Japanese porcelain first established by Goto Saijiro after the mid-seventeenth century. Production of Kutani ware ceased at the end of the 17th century, but commenced again in the 19th century. The porcelain style is known for five colors: red, yellow, green, purple and navy, which are used to paint over dynamic line drawings.