Nanbu Tetsubin | Japanese Cast Iron Kettle | HONORED


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The tetsubin is delicately handcrafted by professional Japanese craftsmen and a privileged prefectural title for artisans. The Japanese craft masters have high proficiency in traditional Japanese heritage crafts. They try to make each piece of craft prestigious and extraordinary. Their authenticity, dedication, and expertise are reflected in each handcrafted piece.

Capacity: 20oz (0.6L)
Diameter: 5.6"
Height: 5.5"

Please Note:

  • Soap, oil, and salt should never come near your cast iron kettle.
  • Don't use anything abrasive to scrub your tetsubin kettle.
  • Don't try anything to protect the interior part of your kettle, as a natural mineral layer will build up over time and would protect the interior part of the kettle.
  • Only a tetsubin unlined tea kettle can be used to heat water on a stove.
  • Avoid pouring cold water into the hot kettle or boiling hot water into cold tetsubin.
  • Don't allow your kettle to contact any heating element when dry.
  • Gentle heat and cold to protect the Nanbu Tetsubin from any kind of damage.