Enzyme Drink SATOHANA


High Quality from The Fermented Food Nation of Japan, 3.5 Years Aged Fermented Extract containing Precious Plant Materials Grown in Japan, Seasonal Ingredients in 75 Varieties

Seasonal ingredients in 75 varieties: Ingredients used in enzyme drinks varies from one to hundreds of types, and the timing and origin of the harvest are also various. SATOHANA uses 75 different ingredients and harvests them in season when they are considered to be most nutritious. The nutritional value can be twice as high in season as out of season.

Prepared in separate barrels: Nutrients in the fermented ingredients used are varied. Common fermented foods are mostly fermented and aged together in a single fermentation barrel. Rather than blending ingredients of different nutritional value, individually fermented ingredients are made extremely nutritious. Plant fermented extracts contain a variety of nutrients and are fermented with the help of highly useful "fermenting bacteria" and 75 different ingredients.

Long-term fermentation: Most common fermented foods are generally fermented and aged from one week to one year. In order to extract the maximum amount of nutrients from the ingredients, SATOHANA is an extremely nutritious enzyme drink that has been aged for three and a half years.

Lactic acid bacteria from plants: 10 types of highly useful lactic acid bacteria are used. They are fermented by adding tough lactic acid bacteria of Mongolian origin. Lactobacillus Brevis, Lactobacillus Paracasei, Lactobacillus Lactis, and 7 other species are contained. Without adding any water, preservatives, or other additives, the product was fermented slowly and spontaneously, taking advantage of the temperature of nature as it is.

Containing precious plant materials grown in the Kibi Plateau of Okayama Prefecture