Gold Sake Set Trumpet Shape


Made in Arita Japan

Very simple yet beautiful look lines are hand painted by Imari craftsman. Set includes sake carafe and 2 cups.
Carafe has a 9 oz. capacity

The Tokkuri bottle has a very interesting shape, and it gives it a fascinating look. When you handle it, the feeling is really smooth and elegant. The Nishiki pattern highlights the Arita artisans’ talents for creating completely unique tableware patterns. This sake carafe is six inches, and the Ochoko cups have been created with fine china.

  • Sake Carafe Size H: 3.75" Diameter: 3.65"
  • Sake Cup Size: H: 2.75" Diameter: 2.65"
  • Made in Japan

Whether you wish to enjoy your sake at room temperature or very cold, this cup is perfect for you. As different sakes will have different aromas and tastes, we have created two different shapes of sake glass so that you can experiment with them. The glass has been hand crafted and have been hand painted by expert Imari craftsman.