Color Changing Sakura Glass set of 2


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Made in Gifu Japan

Set includes 2 Glasses.

  • Glass measures H: 4" Diameter: 2.45" Capacity: 12.8 oz.
  • Changes colors with cold liquids (under 62°f)
  • Hand wash only
  • Made in Japan

This truly-unique glass seems simple at first glance, but adding a cold beverage reveals a special surprise. Hand printed by Japanese artisans, each stunning glass is made with a special thermochromic material that changes color when exposed to different temperatures.

  • Cool the pattern first so that it will change colors more clearly in subsequent uses.
  • Hand wash for maximum longevity. Dishwashing is not recommended.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight expended periods, as the thermochromic material is sensitive to ultraviolet rays.