Cool Japan Chalice Sake Cup Set of 6

$62.00 $124.00

Made in Gifu Japan

Set includes 6 sake cups.

  • Sake cup measures H: 4.25" Diameter: 3"
  • Made in Japan

The origin of Mino Ware quality porcelain is believed to be from the Tono Region of Gifu Prefecture in Japan about seven centuries ago. Known for its abundance of clay, the region continues today to produce the vast majority of Japanese tableware. Because of the prolific amount of Japanese tea parties the firing and finishing of porcelain sets reached a peak at the turn of the century before falling victim to wars, recessions and mass manufacturing and copying of original designs.

It is with great delight and much pride that we offer the SUMI Sake Set (Mino Ware), which is steeped in tradition of our forefathers and made with the same amount of pride and quality as yesteryear. Made in Gifu by the prestigious, fine porcelain producer, Miyama, this carafe and two cup set is of the highest quality porcelain made. It is fired in a kiln at 2400 degrees F in order to ensure and produce the whitest porcelain available. The clay slip has a high volume of vitreous soil which is a soil that is rich in glass content lending itself to producing luminous, long-lasting mino ware.

It is of no surprise that Mino Ware was finally designated a traditional Japanese craft in 1978, approximately 1000 years after its humble beginnings in the kilns built into mountainsides of Tono.