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Random Pattern Sake Sets

The fascinating random patterns never be repeated because it’s handcrafted. Random pattern sake sets often feature abstract designs that are impossible to recreate. Sometimes they are just geodesic designs that can be replicated with enough work. The beauty of these sets is that if one cup gets broken you don't need to replace the whole set. Just find another cup of a similar pattern and it will bend flawlessly with your current set.

Great for those that lack the grace and poise often associated with Japanese culture. These sets fit any home décor and like the solid color sets come in a wide range of colors. The patters are fun as everyone that looks at them will see something different. Much like looking at the clouds, what looks like a fish to you is a cat to your friend. These cups add a sense of whimsy to your table. Despite the fanciful tendencies these are perfectly acceptable for formal use as well as casual sake tasting.