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Mino Ware Tea Set

A large selection of best Mino Ware Tea Set at amazing price! Mino ware is the name given to ceramic ware that was originally created in the Gifu prefecture, in the south of that region, and now makes up around 50% of the Japanese market. The Gifu area was once considered one large country, and was divided into three regions called Seino, Chuno, and Tono. Mino Ware, or Minoyaki, came from areas such as Tajimi-shi, Toki-shi, Mizunami-shi, Kasahara-cho, and Kani-shi, all of which are in the west of Tono to the east of Chuno.

The kilns of Mino were established by Seto’s ceramic artists in the Muromachi period, and this started the Koseto, or Old Seto period which was a key foundation of glazed pottery history. Ogama soon followed this, or large kiln, and the pottery developed into the Seto Mino period. The Ogama kilns brought a wide variety of benefits to the potters, including a larger surface area and volume, much better combustion efficiency, and the local stable production of glazed pottery.