Shirakabe Gura Tokubetsu Junmai

Using premium sake rice, GOHYAKUMANGOKU, and polish it down to 60% of its original size, this Tokubetsu Junmai sake was fermented slowly and carefully in lovw temperature. The taste is thick and mellow with great aroma and flavor of Rice.

"Shirakabe Gura" is the brewery located in the Nada area, the heartland of Japanese sake making. This Tokubetsu Junmai is meticulously brewed using exceptionally pure water, Miyamizu, and carefully selected rice. The character of this sake is well-balanced with a complex, crisp finish.

Category Tokubetsu Junmai
Rice Polishing Ratio 60%
S.M.V. +2
Acidity 1.6
Amino Acid Level 1.6
Rice Gohyakumangoku
Water Miyamizu (hard water)
Alcohol content 15~16%
Brewery Shirakabegura
Region Hyogo prefecture
Toji Mr. Fujio Mitsuya
Sweet Semi-Sweet Semi-Dry Dry Extra Dry
Fragrant Light Aged Rich

Best way to enjoy this sake

Cold Room Temp. Body Temp. Warm
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Lighter Fare Richer Fare After Meal
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