Types of Japanese Tea Set

Japanese Teacup Selection

After you have chosen a suitable teapot and a green tea flavor, you can start looking for a teacup to enhance the drink’s aroma and flavor.

When serving specific varieties of tea, it isn’t necessary to use teacups of a certain shape. This is a key difference between teacups and teapots. Still, because every variety seeps a different way (for the sake of improving a tea’s special qualities), it’s worthwhile to learn more about all the Japanese teacup variations out there.

The Material of Japanese Teacups

For the most part, there are a trio of teacups to choose from: glass, clay, and porcelain.

Shapes of Japanese Teacups

There are a slew of subtle shapes to choose from when it comes to Japanese teacups. Many shapes tend to fall within one of these 3 categories:

Take the Color of the Teacup into Consideration

Teacup color really comes down to your tastes. However, when it comes to green tea, a teacup’s exterior color can impact the tone of the beverage once it’s poured out. With that in mind, it’s worthwhile to have an extra set of teacups on hand – preferably white ones – if you want to display your green tea’s vibrancy.

Japanese Matcha Bowl

Japanese Matcha Bowl

There is nothing quite like holding a chawan (Matcha bowl) and bringing it towards your mouth to sip some Matcha tea. A large bowl only contains a small amount of tea, as per Japanese tradition. Consumption of green tea (powdered) started during the 15th century in Japan. That’s when the demand for meticulously-crafted tea bowls began, too.