Ultimate Sake Set: The Best Way to Serve and Enjoy a Cup of Sake

If you are a person who love to enjoy a cup of hot sake once in a while, then you must definitely own the Ultimate Sake Set. This set consists of a carafe and two wide-mouthed cups, and is perfect for serving warm sake for that authentic feel.

The Ultimate Sake Set comes with many features that make this set not just authentic but very functional as well.

First, it is made of Arita porcelain, which is a type of porcelain ware that is made in the town of Arita in Japan. These were designed and produced by Imari artists, which is why such ware is also sometimes called Imari porcelain. The production of Arita porcelain dates back to the early part of the 17th century. By the 18th century, it was exported to Europe and is now available in many countries, giving users the experience of using this authentic Japanese porcelain when they enjoy their sake. The carafe that comes with the set is shaped like a kettle, but like other flasks used for serving sake, it has no handle. Its streamlined shape, however, makes it easy for you to grip its body so that you can handle it properly and have control as you pour sake to the cups. This carafe has a wide mouth, which makes it easy to fill. The removable lid gives you the option to keep it covered to keep the flavor in and to keep the contents warm. The lip of the carafe is smartly designed as well, with its V-shape opening, it is easy to pour sake into cups without the risk of spilling it. The cups in the Ultimate Sake Set are what Japanese call sakazuki. These are shallow, saucer-like cups that have a wide mouth so that when you sip the sake, the liquid will touch the tips and sides of your tongue, making you enjoy its sweet taste. The wide opening also lets you breathe in the fantastic aroma of the sake. Its design lets the cup sit comfortably in your hand so you can enjoy it with just one hand, although by practice, the traditional way to drink sake is to hold the bottom with one hand and the side of the cup with the other.

The best feature of this Ultimate Sake Set is that it is microwavable, which means that by having this in your home, you can quickly enjoy a cup of warm sake anytime you want. Just place the filled carafe inside the microwave for 10 to 50 seconds, depending on how warm you want it to be, and then it is ready for serving.

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