SPIRA Men's Skin Care Starter Set


A brand that knows Akoya pearls inside and out Developed a new pigment that moisturizes the skin of the middle generation A must-see cosmetic that gives moisture to the skin of men who live cool lives!

This is a cosmetic for men that combines pearl powder, which has been recognized for its skin beautifying properties since ancient times, with cosmetic ingredients made with the latest technology. Pearl and Akoya shell ingredients have no place to be discarded and can be said to be raw materials for SDGs initiatives that can all be used as jewelry, food, and cosmetics. Contains pearl ingredients (pearl and hydrolyzed conchiolin) that produce high-quality pearls "IRIS SPIRA" Pearls have long been prized. Conchiolin, a protein found in the nacreous layer of mother-of-pearl oysters, is composed of 17 types of amino acids. Amino acids moisturize the skin.

Other Ingredients Aqua Speed A mixture of watermelon fruit extract, Japanese hilumane fruit extract, and apple fruit extract in optimal proportions, this is a skin-friendly ingredient. It is expected to increase the amount of moisture in the keratin by increasing NMF constituents (natural moisturizing factors), thereby increasing the moisture content of the skin. This is a promising ingredient for the dry season and the coming pollen season.

Mevalonolactone Mevalonolactone is a clean and sustainable beauty moisturizing ingredient obtained through the fermentation and filtration of sugar. Mevalonolactone is a clean and sustainable cosmetic moisturizing ingredient obtained by fermenting and filtering sugar. It is suitable for cosmetics for dry skin, middle generation, and seniors.