Kagekiyo - Baba Cutlery Works 10.6 inch Yanagiba White Steel #1 / Akaro Red Urushi Handle


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Made in Osaka Japan

Kagekiyo - Baba Cutlery Works

Since its foundation in 1969, Baba Cutlery Works is committed to Monozukuri, handcraft of highest quality. Always have, always will, not depending on the well-established name.

Material: White Steel #1

Hand forged from Yasuki Specialty Steel and sharpened by skilled hands. The sharpness lasts especially long among our nagagire (prolonged sharpness) knives; resharpening is easy; and the hatsuke (sharpening) is of top quality. Finished with attention to every details.The unique octagonal handle gets slightly thinner as it approaches the blade, making it easier to grip. Characterised by the beauty of its bright and uniquely Japanese “lustre red.” Finished with traditional Japanese Kiso lacquerware, it is not only easy on the eye but also highly functional: water resistant, highly durable, and naturally antibacterial.

Yanagiba (Sashimi) Knife

The Yanagiba (Sashimi) Knife is used to finely slice fresh seafood for the purpose of Sashimi. Common blade length for household usage is 8.25 to 10.6 inch and unlike the Deba Knife the blade of the knife is thin up until the tip of the knife.