Black and Blue Ginsai Kutani Ware Sake Set


Made in Ishikawa Japan

Set includes sake carafe and 2 cups. 

Ginsai means ‘silver color’ in Japan, and it refers to the delicate technique of putting silver leaf onto ceramics then glaze on top of it before firing. Ginsai become popular when potters experimented with putting a simple and beautiful design onto ceramics, and they found that this appealed to both Japanese and Western tastes. The craftsmen will spray the paint over the top of the silver leaf, allowing for a consistent and delicate color that could not be achieved by using a traditional brush. This particular design was created over ten years ago, it is still just as popular.

The rich glazing reveals a gradient in the color, and gives it the look more of crystal that of ceramics.

Kutani ware relies on the precision of the potters that make the bases and paint them – although all potters have a key role to play in the production of these beautiful ceramics. With each change in generation, a new line of potters need to be trained in this ancient art, and although sometimes it can be arduous training, the results are astonishing. We wish to continue this craft and skill into the future.

Carafe has a 9.5 oz. capacity

  • Sake cup measures H: 2.5" Diameter: 2.6"
  • NOT Dishwasher Safe
  • Made in Japan

Kutani Ware

Kutani ware is a style of Japanese porcelain first established by Goto Saijiro after the mid-seventeenth century. Production of Kutani ware ceased at the end of the 17th century, but commenced again in the 19th century. The porcelain style is known for five colors: red, yellow, green, purple and navy, which are used to paint over dynamic line drawings.