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Bizen Hidasuki Sake Cup #006

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Bizen Hidasuki Sake Cup #006

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Absolutely gorgeous Bizen Sake Cup has been handcrafted by expert Bizen Craftsman Yoshihiro Kayama.

Hidasuki is a light brown base with red, brown, and vermilion lines hanging like a sash.

When straw was wrapped around the base material and the work was put in a "saya (container for baking pottery)" and baked, the entire work was burnt to a light brown color close to the base material and was hit by straw because it was not directly exposed to flames or ash. The part develops a scarlet color.

The pattern of the fire sash is due to the chemical action of components such as potassium in the straw and iron in the base material.

Originally, when stacking works and packing them in a kiln, straw was wrapped to prevent the works from sticking to each other. This has come to be used as a pattern.

The breathability created by the fine pores inside Bizen ware activates the yeast contained in sake and enhances the aging effect of sake. By pouring sake, whiskey, wine, etc., the aroma is high, the taste is mellow, and the taste changes to rich. There is also a saying that if you put sake in a Bizen ware bowl, the second-class sake becomes the first-class sake.

  • Sake Cup Size: H: 2.15" Diameter: 2.35"
  • Handcrafted by Yoshihiro Kayama
  • Made in Japan