Kagekiyo - Baba Cutlery Works 11.8 inch Yanagiba Blue Steel #1 / Kuroro Black Urushi Handle


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Made in Osaka Japan

Kagekiyo - Baba Cutlery Works

Since its foundation in 1969, Baba Cutlery Works is committed to Monozukuri, handcraft of highest quality. Always have, always will, not depending on the well-established name.

Material: Blue Steel #1

Mizuhonyaki (water quenched honyaki) - the finest of forged knives. Unlike other knives forged with soft iron, a honyaki is forged from one pure piece of hagane steel, and water-quenching it is so difficult that only few are capable of it even in Sakai. The cutting edge is sharpened as flat and thin as possible. These knives are the result of our commitment to Monozukuri, dedication to craftsmanship.

Yanagiba (Sashimi) Knife

The Yanagiba (Sashimi) Knife is used to finely slice fresh seafood for the purpose of Sashimi. Common blade length for household usage is 8.25 to 10.6 inch and unlike the Deba Knife the blade of the knife is thin up until the tip of the knife.