Sakai Kikumori Kiwami V10 Knives

Made in Osaka Japan

The master artisans of Sakai Kikumori have really excelled themselves with the Kiwami V-10 Stain Resistance knives, as a huge amount of skill has to go into their construction. A perfect example of the intricate and delicate techniques that each craftsman has to master before he is permitted to create these knives, a huge amount of time is put into forging these beautiful knives. The high caliber of these knives are proven over and over again in these high quality knives which manage to combine an elegant aesthetic with incredible performance. The magnolia wood handle has been affixed with the horn bolster made from water buffalo.

Material: VG-10 Stainless Steel

Few people realize that the ‘G’ in the name of the VG-10 Stainless Steel is actually for gold – referring to the gold standard that this incredible knife has met through its crafted creation. This kind of steel is highly prized as it is stainless, and is produced in Japan. High quality and class Japanese cutlery has always been made out of this metal, but as a better understanding of this fabulous metal has been gained by people, more and more things have been made out of it, such as pocket knives and hunting knives. This steel is famous for the edge sharpness and longer edge retention. This is one of the most popular stainless steels amongst Japanese knife makers

Sakai Kikumori Kiwami V10 series are most excellent grade of Kasumi knives with rust-resistance properties. Their blades are very hard and maintain extra-sharp edges for a long time.

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