Sakai Kikumori Japanese Style Handle Yasuki White #2 Steel Knives

Professionals have been using Sakai Kikumori knives for many years, and that is because they are simply the best that is available. When you use this knife, you will be amazed at how naturally it fits in your hand – and that is because of the clever design of the octagonal handle, a typical traditional Japanese style. However, this design has also taken inspiration from Western design; the knives have blades that are sharp on both sides, which is also known as a double edged blade. This makes it much stronger than the simpler single edged blades, making this knife perfect for every single kitchen. The finish of these knives is excellent; the traditional magnolia wood is perfectly balanced with the water buffalo horn bolster.

Blade Material: Yasuki White #2 Steel

White Steel is the next highest steel material after Blue Steel and has good edge retention, and is easy to sharpen.

This knife is the Western Style blades with Japanese style handle. The handle material is Magnolias. The wood is soft and light in color, and Magnolia handles are the most popular for Japanese Knives.

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