Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef Striploin Slice


Best when used for shabu shabu, sukiyaki, aburi sushi, aburi rolls, salad. Etc.

4 x 8oz / 1pack Total 32oz

  • 100% authentic A5 Graded Wagyu from Japan.
  • Japanese Black cattle (Kuroge).
  • Standard overnight shipping (temperature controlled)
  • This item ships frozen and carefully handled.
  • Product of Japan

Additional Information

  • Delivery within 1-2 Business Days (Mon - Fri).
  • Serves 2-4 people (perfect for sharing)


Shabu-shabu is one of the most famous Japanese hot-pot dishes, and it is perfectly complemented by the melt-in-your-mouth texture of A5 Wagyu. When the heat is applied to the meat, the protein undergoes heat denaturation, causing the meat to shrink and imbibing the broth with many “umami” components. This release of glutamic acid, inosinic acid, and amino acids creates a sweet, delicious aroma.

Shabu-shabu is the perfect cooking method for marinated meat. A variety of sauces can be used to dip the meat and vegetables, including ponzu sauce and sesame sauce. But the real centerpiece of the dish will be the A5 Wagyu.

Please Note:
Technically there are seasonal differences in quality, but the locations of WAGYU processing plants approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) cover Japan from North to South. This allows us to supply the best possible quality Wagyu to the US regardless of the season.