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Sakai Kikumori Chouyou Yanagiba (Sashimi) Knife Blue Steel

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Sakai Kikumori Chouyou Yanagiba (Sashimi) Knife Blue Steel

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Made in Osaka Japan

The Chrysanthemum is called KIKU flower in Japanese. They named their brand Sakai Kikumori from “Kiku”. In Japan, people pray for a long life to Kiku on 9 September. The day is called “Chouyou”.

Brilliant Masterpiece

A trusted brand, “Sakai Kikumori” presents a new series of the highest quality – uniting the most pleasant in use and beauty. It is reflected the voice of the professional chefs and pursed the simplicity of use. Chouyou, a masterpiece that the top craftsmen diligently product from forging, the very first process in handmade forged knife, to the final process of shrpeing.

The handle is made from HO (the Japanese Magnolia) wood which has a smooth feel and hold up in heavy use. It is finished in a little slim octagonal shape which enables to fit comfortably in your hands but not slippery.

Sakai forging knife is made to draw the original characteristics of steel to the maximum by the craftsman. Chouyou is produced by the master craftsmen in Sakai from forging to sharpening and create the astonishing cutting performance.

The work of the top craftsmen also allows “easy care”. The perfect distortion-free blade gives sticking-like sharpening on the whetstone. Just a little sharpening brings back the sharpness.

The package is designed to express the Chouyou’s attractive beauty and functionality. It is offered to you in a special made white box of Japanese paper. It is also suitable for a gift.

Material: Blue Steel

Blue Steel is the highest quality steel material. The characteristics of this steel are its high edge retention and durability. Knives made from this material are commonly used in restaurants such as Sushi Restaurants, where there is a need to continuously slice Sashimi, since the steel retains its edge the chefs are able to produce beautifully prepared Sashimi all day long.

Yanagiba (Sashimi) Knife

The Yanagiba (Sashimi) Knife is used to finely slice fresh seafood for the purpose of Sashimi. Common blade length for household usage is 8.25 to 10.6 inch and unlike the Deba Knife the blade of the knife is thin up until the tip of the knife.