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Sake Tasting Note

Hakkaisan Honjozo

Hakkaisan Honjozo

Hakkaisan Honjozo is a popular and versatile sake that is easy to drink and easy to enjoy. Serve it gently warmed to bring out the mild flavors of koji and rice. Hakkaisan Honjozo when chilled will give you a clean and straightforward, yet enjoyable sake that pairs easily with many foods. Their Honjozo is one of the bestselling and most accessible sakes.

Hakkaisan Ginjo

Hakkaisan Ginjo is a sake born of the frigid, snowy winters in Niigata, Japan. Ginjo-shu is, in essence, a fortified style of sake and they take that technique to the next level of quality and craftsmanship. The special production methods and attention to detail coax out a richer body and more intricate aroma. Whatever the season, you’ll be charmed by the expressive nature of our Hakkaisan Ginjo.